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Url Description Location  Located in western Illinois, just a few miles east of the Mississippi, Carthage is the county seat of Hancock County. This charming community has a rich historical story that interweaves with the Mormon Church. Other historical sites associated with Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Joseph Smith and local Indian tribes make the area a great place to visit. Carthage has a bright future that includes a safe and quiet place to live and work with a growing economy that revolves around agriculture and manufacturing. The area is rich in the recreational activities as well.  Carthage, Illinois  My artwork encompasses a wide versatility of style and medium with diversified techniques in three disciplines- drawing, painting, and printmaking. I tend to work on a large scale but small enough to comfortably fit private collections. The work is an interpretation of the images and influences in my life, rendered in an expressionistic fashion with an importance on the figure in the subject matter. My pursuit of expression in the visual arts has always dealt with self exploration as a sentient artist and the intuitive process of creating. Beginning without any preconceived ideas about how the image should look, the intuitive process of creating becomes a conversation between myself and the artwork. It expresses the combination of my spiritual and physical being. The combination of these aspects of life is represented in the work by the medium (the physical) and the illusion of the subject (the spiritual). As in my own life, sometimes the physical is more prevalent and sometimes the spiritual dominates. © 2006 Don Hetzel   Keokuk, Iowa  Heritage Antique Mall, Inc. is one of the Midwest finest Markets for antiques and collectibles. We have 9,500 Square feet of antique showcases, booths filled with collectibles, furniture and decorative pieces, located on the Main street of Historic Keokuk, Iowa.   Keokuk, Iowa  Official Website of the Illinois Nauvoo Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Historic Nauvoo is located in Western Illinois, bordered on three sides by a bend of the mighty Mississippi River. The restored homes, mercantile establishments and community buildings maintain the charm of what once was a beautiful, industrious city. Today, Nauvoo provides an opportunity to experience the people and times of the past.  Nauvoo, Illinois    Keokuk, Iowa  Keokuk Area Convention and Tourism Bureau 329 Main St. | Keokuk, IA 52632 800.383.1219 | 319.524.5599  Keokuk, Iowa  Follow young Sam Clemens on his rambles through Hannibal. Meet his family and friends and get to know the town during the time young Sam lived there. Continue the experience as you learn about Sam’s first outing as a writer. Then see which of the town’s people, places and events he later transformed into stories. Enjoy stories from Twain’s past and his imagination as you tour the exhibits.  Hannibal, Missouri  The McCune House is one of the oldest homes in Keokuk. It was built in 1848, by "Honest John McCune", a river man. In those days, there was no Franklin Street, but only Third Street, so the entrance of the home was on the river side of the house. The house was built of grey limestone, taken from the Des Moines River quarries, as were the homes of Guy Wells, and Civil War General Samuel R. Curtis. The house was originally 2 1/2 stories, but John McCune later raised the half floor to a full 3rd story.  Keokuk, Iowa  The Mormon Historic Sites Foundation is an independent organization whose mission is to identify, preserve, and commemorate sites of significance in Mormon history throughout the world.   Salt Lake City, Utah