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Lock and Dam    Construction on U.S. Lock and Dam #19 began in 1910, and when completed in 1913, it was the largest electricity generating plant in the world. Lock 19 is the largest lock on the Mississippi and is on the National Register of Historic places. The area is open 24 hours a day for viewing of river traffic. Call (319) 524-6363 for information. The lock and dam, as well as the rest of the river, can be viewed from a distance on the Observation Deck of the old bridge. The locks are 1200 feet long and 110 feet wide, with a lift of over 38 feet and large enough to handle a full-length fleet of barges. The present lock was put into operation in 1957 at a cost of 13.5 million dollars. It is owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Power House and spillways (shown above) are owned and operated by Ameren Power Company. Lock and Dam 19 is the highest "step" in the stairway of locks and dams along the Mississippi River. The pool created behind the dam, Lake Cooper, is the largest pool in the series of dams with 240 miles of shoreline. This dam, along with Lock and Dam #1 are the only ones used to produce electricity.